Christ Lutheran Church - Marshfield, WI

Day 6: Vocation Devotion

Saturday May 9th

As we prepare for tomorrow’s Stewardship Sunday, today we focus on the most important vocation of all: The vocation that belongs to Jesus Christ.  

Perhaps it is strange to think that way.  Jesus Christ himself has a vocation given to him by the Father.  It is the confession of the Church: Jesus Christ is Lord.  

Lord is Jesus Christ’s vocation.  It is His calling given to him by His Father.  You can think of Philippians 2 how Christ was obedient to death upon a cross, so the Father exalted him and gave him the divine name above all names so that at the name of Jesus Christ all of heaven, earth and under the earth will declare that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father.

What a vocation and what good news for us!  No longer are we trapped by our former lord, the devil, sin and death.  But Christ has come and bound the strong man.  

The good news is that you no longer belong to yourself!  You belong to Christ.  He has made himself your Lord.  

To be Lord means that he is in charge and he seeks your well-being.  For Jesus Christ to be Lord means that he is in charge.  For him to be Lord, means that your safe keeping is in his hands.  And the good news is that none can snatch you from His hand.  

Because Jesus Christ is Lord, we direct our days and life and vocations to his care and watch.  
What a blessing that for Jesus Christ’s vocation to be Lord means that he is all in all.  It means that he is the Creator, Sustainer, and Consummation of all things.  His Lordship gives you purpose!  His Lordship means your salvation.  

To be Lord, means that Jesus is Savior, King, Judge, Ruler, Creator, Sustainer, God.  
What a lot of vocations!  All packed into a single overhead charge: Jesus Christ is Lord.  Thanks be to God for that vocation!  Amen.