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Update to Phase 1

Update to Phase 1! (June 7, 2020)
God willing, we can have some changes each week that lessen the restrictions we are voluntarily placing upon ourselves for the common good! Here is one change right away. We’ll be having communion this Sunday and on June 21. (The 14th and 28th are non-communion Sundays in our current schedule.) As part of communion, we will be having the standard individual cups and the regular wafers for bread.  We’ll have wine available, as well as the non-alcoholic wine for those that need it. For those that would like the pre-sealed “fellowship cups” those will be available for you to pick up on your way to the altar.  We will also use the “fellowship cups” for those that drive around as they listen to the FM broadcast!  Everything else will remain as it was, with three important updates. 1) If you cannot wear a mask for medical reasons, etc., we won’t force you to wear one, just to be clear.  2) As you stand to receive communion.  It is perfectly okay to pull your mask down, rather than trying to eat and drink with the mask over your mouth.  And 3) An elder will dismiss the pews as each row of people come forward to communion, so there is not any confusion about when you should enter the line for communion.
I hope that helps you plan for this coming Sunday!  Last Sunday was a true joy to see all who came out.  Thank you for your patience and help and the joy of being able to share in fellowship and to talk outside together on such a beautiful day.  Remember, if you have any questions or spiritual needs, please give myself or Pastor Andrew a call, text, email, or message!  Our prayers are always before the Father’s throne on your behalf, and you are always in our hearts.
In Christ’s love,
Pastor Daryn
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