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Library Update

Dear CLC Members,

I’m excited to say that there are now 36 new materials at the church library! Many of these are recently published titles from Concordia Publishing House, an LCMS publisher, and cover all kinds of topics. A special thank you to those who made a donation toward the Library Fund or contributed books, which made the additions possible.

You’ll notice a few changes at the library, which is located by the Sunday School office past the Fellowship Hall. The kids’ books section has been revamped with new bookshelves for better viewing of those titles (check out the rhyming Arch books for storytime). There’s a new mini Young Adult section on the bottom shelf in the nonfiction section (try the Messengers trilogy!).

The nonfiction books were also sorted through. If you make it to church in-person, there’s an ongoing book sale of the “retired” books in the Fellowship Hall. You can take whatever you like with a donation toward the library, which will be used to purchase new CPH books in the future. A donation box is on the table.

Just a few of the new titles available are:

-Without Flesh: Why the Church is Dying Even Though Jesus is Still Alive
-God, I need to Talk to You About Negativity
-The Christian Difference: A Comparison of World Religions
-Clearly Christian: Following Jesus in this Age of Confusion
-Our Way Home : A Journey Through the Lord's Prayer

These are currently located on the New Books bookshelf. You can look over the catalogue featuring recent additions to see more of the new books and what they’re about. (You can find a digital copy of the catalogue here)

Happy reading,

Volunteer Church Librarian

Remove the old-school card from the back cover. Write down your name and the date of check-out. Deposit the card in the small basket by the Sunday School bulletin board. The recommended check-out time is 2 months. When finished, please return the book to the basket on the floor to be re-shelved.
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