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Faith in the Shadow of a Pandemic


Faith in the Shadow of a Pandemic is a timely resource in uncertain times. Lutheran authors John Pless and Jacob Corzine undertook the task of writing this small, 110-page book after a conversation on Easter, when churches were forced to celebrate with empty pews and adapt to virtual services.  

In short chapters, each takes on the Christian life in the midst of COVID-19. Topics include the Lord’s Supper, prayer, serving the neighbor, death in the pandemic, and God’s mercy and providence through it all.

Here are some good quotes to meditate on:

“In these days of worry about infection, anxieties about the impact of the pandemic on jobs and the economy, and fears about a future that is unknown, you may empathise with Luther, feeling you are hanging on only by a thread and the devil is furiously at work to break that tenuous grip. But you have more than Luther’s example; you have Luther’s Lord.” (Page 14)

“In the Lutheran Church, we teach the ‘for you.’ You can attach it to any description of what Jesus did: Jesus suffered loss — for you. Jesus bore loneliness — for you. Jesus was crucified — for you. All of this is the essence of the incarnation, of God becoming man in Jesus Christ: that nothing that is in you or a part of your life, including especially the trouble that afflicts you right now, would be left to you to deal with alone.” (Page 42)

“Everything that we have in this life is a gift from the open hand of the God who is unceasingly giving good gifts without regard to merit or worthiness.” (Page 60)

“In the Psalms, God speaks to us. He speaks into our daily living with all of its multifaceted experiences and emotions of elation and stress, of joy and grief, of abundance and loss, and yes, of dying itself.” (Page 65: See Psalms 91, 118, and 22)

“We are Christians; we live in the light of the Last Day! Whatever else may happen in this old world, we know that Jesus is raised from the dead and seated at the Father’s right hand. The last chapter of the story of our lives is already written, for our destiny in this Jesus is resurrection to everlasting life.” (Page 110)

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Happy reading!

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