Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church - Marshfield, WI

Covid-10 Response: March 17

In Response to Covid-19
March 17, 2020

Dear Members of Christ Lutheran Church,

It is with a heavy heart that this letter must be written. The following decisions are not made lightly. But we feel as your called workers in Jesus Christ that these are the best decisions that can be made. Perhaps this will give us time to realize how important we are to one another and what a gift our fellowship in Jesus Christ is.

We can't wait for the day to come when we will all be together in the same place. Our eyes are welling up thinking about that moment. On that day, we can't wait for the rafters in our building to shake with shouts of Thanksgiving as the rafters shake in heaven now as the saints, angels, and archangels shout for joy in God.

Know that once this virus passes, we will resume full activities. Please read the following items fully and carefully to learn how you can stay connected with us during this time. The God of peace who sent Jesus Christ go with us!

The following are activities and events that are cancelled until further notice:
Sunday School (until Schools reopen)
All children and youth activities (ie. Confirmation, Potter’s House, PUPPETS)
All Bible Studies (we may use alternate online means)
All food related activities (including Soup Suppers, Easter Breakfast and Potter’s House)
Easter Egg Hunt
Bells and Chorale
In-person board meetings (we may use alternate means, such as email, Facebook messenger, and phone calls to hold necessary meetings)

What are we doing about Services?
All in-person services are cancelled until further notice. In an effort to continue meeting the spiritual needs of our congregation, we are offering the following alternatives:

Live services on Facebook and YouTube (times are subject to change).  Digital copies of the order of service will be available on the App and website. Videos will be archived so you can watch anytime.

Thursday Services will be streamed at 5:30pm
Sunday Services will be streamed at 9:00am

The Pastors and Tammy will be sharing live devotions/services/Sunday School lessons every day on Facebook as their schedules allow. Please feel free to share thoughts and photos in the comments. We will be uploading these to the App, as well, as time allows.

House Calls: The Pastors are willing to visit you in your home and give you Communion. They will take every precaution necessary to avoid spreading disease.

Phone Calls: If you aren’t comfortable with in-person visits, the Pastors are willing to talk on the phone or video chat over Facebook.

Scheduled Church Visits: You can schedule a time to come to Church to pray with the Pastors and receive Communion.  

Services on Marshfield Community TV, Channel 989. They air Sundays at 7:30am &  1pm, Wednesdays at 10am.

Mailings: We can mail you copies of the services and transcripts of the sermons. (Due to limited resources and staff time, please only ask for this option if you are not able to watch the services online or on Cable TV).

How to Stay Connected:
Like us on Facebook ( – You can access this even if you don’t have a Facebook account.

Download the App (search for Christ Marshfield in the App or Google Play store -  make sure to allow notifications)

Sign-up for the Friday Email ( or just email us)

Mailings: No access to the internet? We can mail you important information.

Phone calls: Contact the Pastors or connect with members who do have access to internet for updates.

Love Your Neighbor:
Follow the CDC guidelines on how to slow the spread of disease. Wash your hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds (use hand sanitizer when soap and water is not available). Stay home if you are sick (even if it’s not with Covid-19). Follow social distancing and any other government guidelines as best as possible.

Reach out to other members. Reach out to your neighbors. Call people up. Hold Facebook watch parties. Stay connected. Some people, especially those most at risk, will be very isolated. Offer to pick up groceries or babysit kids.

If you have extra (whether it be food or toilet paper or money) please help out those around you. Soup or Socks, United Way, St Vincent’s and others are doing what they can to make sure no one goes hungry. They could use donations. Follow local news for ways to help.

As you are able, please continue to give your offering. Even without regular activities, we still have bills to pay. The best option is to give online (though the App or website). Those donations will be especially important if our counters can’t come in. If that does not work, you can mail in a check.

Resources to use at home:
            Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod Radio Station:
            Issues, Etc.:
            Daily Verse-by-Verse Bible Study:
Free downloadable resources
The Hymnal, Bible, and Catechism
 How to Contact Us:
715-384-3535 (Office hours may be limited during this time, but we will still check messages when we are in. If you have anything urgent, please call the Pastors on their cell phones).
Facebook Messenger

Pastor Daryn A. Bahn
Cell Phone: 715-305-8667

Pastor Andrew D. Belt
Cell Phone: 231-920-2519

DCE Tammy Schwartz

You can also connect with the Pastors and Tammy on Facebook.

This is our plan, effective immediately.  Please remember that plans may change as need arises.  Also be assured that you are loved by us and by our Savior, Jesus.  May God bless and keep us… and keep us together during these days of trial and tribulations.  Finally, may the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ shine ever brighter in our lives even on the darkest days.   Here’s looking forward to our joyous reunion once this health crisis is ended and to the amazing plans God has in store for us every single day!

In Christ’s love,
Pastor Daryn and Pastor Andrew