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Creation - John 1:1-5
by Dana S on November 12th, 2021
This world, the universe, and even you were not created by accident. Creation was a deliberate act by a loving God. It wasn’t the result of gods fighting. It wasn’t the result of random mutations and chance. God did it. And because of that, we respond with praise and thanksgiving.  Read More
Creation - Revelation 4:8-11
by Dana S on November 11th, 2021
This text carries powerful images of heavenly creatures in a never-ending cycle of praise and worship to God. So much imagery is used that it is hard to fathom exactly what is going on. In Heaven, worship is ongoing. It never ends.  Read More
Creation vs. Evolution
by Dana S on November 9th, 2021
Before you read this devotional today, sit down and read Genesis 1. If you didn’t know anything about evolution, creation, or any science or history, what would you conclude the passage is trying to say? Is it allegory? How long did it take God to create everything? How did God create everything? Did God create everything? Does it even matter if God created everything?  Read More
Creation - Genesis 1:1-2:3
by Dana S on November 8th, 2021
Order. Purpose. Intention. Design. When you read our Scripture reading for today’s devotion, that should be what you see in all of this.  Read More
Advent 2021 Intro
by Dana S on October 31st, 2021
Creation. What comes to mind when this word is stated? Perhaps images of our world the midst of a great expanse of space. Perhaps forests and grassy plains are in view. Waterfalls, mountains, oceans, and deserts. Together they form the places where we live and the places where God has put us.  Read More
God the Poet
by Dana S on July 8th, 2020
I remember a professor of mine saying this to our class in college: “Our faith is like the ocean. It is shallow enough that even a child can wade through it, but deep enough that you can grab snorkeling gear and never be finished searching the nooks and the crannies far deep below.”   Read More
by Dana S on April 22nd, 2020
As a Christian, there are views about humanity that can really rile me up. Here is an example: The view that humanity can do whatever it wants with this world is wrong. This is the Jurassic Park question. Just because humanity can make dinosaurs, doesn’t mean we should.   Read More