Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church - Marshfield, WI

Romans 2:17-24

March 9 – Romans 2:17-24
This could be summarized as easily as saying, “practice what you preach.”

Paul is looking at his fellow Jews and listing out how the law does not bring about the righteousness of God and that their boasting in receiving the Torah has not been to the justification but has rather condemned them.   The law reveals how we have fallen, it does not show that we are righteous.  Paul wants us to see Jesus Christ and to be found rather in Him for our righteousness.  When people say, “do as I say and not as I do.” We should be quick rather to confess and seek forgiveness in Christ.

Paul also warns that boasting in being a teacher of the law puts one at risk to blaspheme God when our hope is put in the law and yet we break it.  We profane God’s name when we tell others that stealing is wrong when we ourselves steal.  When we teach to not commit adultery and yet commit adultery ourselves, we prove to be hypocrites.
But using the law to reveal ourselves as sinners and show forth Christ’s righteousness apart from the law is what is our boast.  That he has justified us apart from the law by faith is our treasure.  If we do not point people to Christ, we can only blaspheme the name of Christ that we try and emulate when we point people to ourselves.