Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church - Marshfield, WI

Fourth Petition Prayer

April 1 – Prayer

Wonderful Father.  You cause rain to fall on the righteous and the wicked.  You give food to the good and evil alike.  You preserve your whole creation by the power of your Word and all have their eyes on you so that you may feed them in the right time.

Lord, we trust in you to provide for all of our needs since you know that we need them.  Grant us hearts to increase in trust in You and to move the hearts of your people so that we may be supplied to care for those around us with their daily bread.
Lord, the gifts you give each day are too many to number.  From the clothes we have, the food we eat, the friends and family we revel in, to the air that we breathe.  You have given them to us by grace.

So open our eyes to all that you give and give us your Spirit that we may realize and be able to give thanks for all these blessings that come through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.
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