Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church - Marshfield, WI

August 2022 Library Update

Dear CLC Members,

Do you ever wonder about our Lutheran stance on a variety of modern issues and topics, and are curious to learn more? New to the church library are some great new resources printed out from our Synod’s website. These are collected together in a blue binder available for check-out on the New Books bookshelf (where you can also find magazines and other browse-able materials).

Topics covered include:
- The Inspiration of Scripture (1975)
- Confession and Absolution: A Bible Study and Discussion Guide (2019)
- Christians and Social Media (2019)
- Divorce and Remarriage (1987)
- Gender Identity Disorder or Gender Dysphoria in Christian Perspective
- Christian Care at Life’s End (1993)

These topics have been thoughtfully explored and presented by the Commission on Theology and Church Relations. The CTCR, established in 1962 by the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod, provides study documents, opinions and statements on theological issues.

These documents and many other Synod resources can be accessed at the LCMS website, Under “Resources” in the top menu bar, click “CTCR Document Library” to browse materials.

Besides these, there are a great many new and interesting church library books on contemporary issues that I encourage you to browse. The church library is located by the Sunday School office past the Fellowship Hall (look for the bookshelves). New books are located on their own bookshelf next to the Noah’s Ark bulletin board.

Books can be checked out by removing the checkout card in the back of the book and filling it out with your name and the date of check-out. Deposit the card in the basket on the small table. Materials can be checked out for up to two months and returned to the basket on the floor.

Materials are purchased solely through donations—please be diligent about taking care of the books and returning anything you check out within two months.

Happy reading!
Volunteer Church Librarian
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